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Picture of shopping bagsSolomon Solutions has an extensive range of solutions for the online retailer selling to either consumers or businesses. With over 10 years experience of in-house development of e-commerce solutions, we can provide you with a site that will meet your requirements, be they a small product range of tens of products, or the more complex needs of a product range spanning thousands.

Regardless of the size and complexity of your online store, all of our solutions are designed with common goals in mind:

Security - all our e-commerce solutions use the latest industry standard practices to ensure the security of your store. Security in credit card transactions, from the customer's keyboard right through to your bank, and security in providing the highest levels of resistance to hacker and virus attacks.

Ease of use - from finding your products to checking out, we ensure making a purchase from your store as easy as 1, 2, 3 for the customer. Navigation is clearly laid out and adding to the shopping cart is one mouse click away. Order forms are simple to complete and are exhaustively validated before the order is accepted, ensuring you have all you need to process the order.

Ease of management - to ensure you spend your time developing your business as opposed to updating your online store, we provide a range of back office tools to enable you to efficiently manage your online catalogue. Adding products and categories is a simple matter of filling out a form and powerful reporting ensures you meet your sales targets.

Search engine friendliness - by using the latest Search Engine Optimisation techniques we ensure you site can easily be read by search engines such as Google and Yahoo, helping you achieve the best placement.

Typical features for the customer

  • Multi currency - prices are displayed in the customer's home currency, set by automatic detection of their location.
  • Fully inclusive prices shown - the customer always knows the cost of their shopping, including VAT where appropriate, and shipping costs. There are no hidden costs, which means no complaints.
  • Flexible shipping rates. Can be based on weight, destination, value and so on as required by the merchant. Customers can have choices of rates such as Economy, Priority, 24hr etc.
  • Secure shopping - an industry standard secure server protects the customer's credit card details.
  • Address storage - for repeat shoppers the system can store the customer's address and other details, thus making ordering more convenient, creating customer loyalty. Shopping cart can be stored for repeat orders such as stationary and the like.
  • Product categories include links to related categories.
  • Special offers section.
  • Support for E-voucher and discount codes.
  • Product search on keyword, price range, type.

Typical features for the merchant

  • Multi currency support - any number of currencies can be supported and the merchant may update exchange rates. Alternatively, specific prices may be set on a per country basis regardless of the prevailing FX rate. This allows different price points per territory.
  • Complete control of product lines - merchant can add or delete products including several pictures and description (Rich Text i.e. bold, bullet points etc), change prices or make a product temporally unavailable.
  • Complete control of product categories - the merchant can create product categories and specify what products they contain. A product can appear in more than one category.
  • Flexibility - the cart has been designed in a modular fashion and can be configured to a merchant's specification. As it has been developed entirely in-house by Solomon Solutions we are in a position to provide ongoing support and bespoke alterations if required.
  • Real time credit card processing including 3-D Secure (Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode) to reduce charge backs.
  • On site stock control ensures orders placed can be fulfilled and warns you of low stock levels.
  • Sales analysis reporting detailing most purchased/viewed products and categories.
  • Order management system - each order may be marked as Shipped, Part Shipped or Hold to keep track of order processing. Order details are displayed in a printer friendly layout for use in the warehouse.
  • Affiliate link - enables sales & referrals from remote sites to be processed and logged by merchant.
  • Newsletter signup and distribution with direct sale from within email.
  • Content Management System for creating HTML emails and non product related pages.
It's powerful to handle your growing needs

Our sites and applications are built to handle high loads created by large volumes of visitors and complex transactions. And built to store large amounts of data while maintaining high levels of performance.

As your business grows the demands placed on your site grow too. Some sites just can't cope with this, but ones built by us can!

Customers find it easy to use

Our sites are designed for ease of use by your customers so they can quickly find the information or products they need.

We do this with clear layouts and intuitive navigation, avoiding gimmicky functions that only serve to confuse rather then enhance.

You find it easy to manage

We understand that your time is valuable, so we design our sites with easy to use yet powerful back office tools that allow you to manage your site quickly and with minimal training requirements.

Comprehensive real time reporting keeps you on target to meet your business goals.

It's fast - no waiting customers

Do you keep your customers waiting for you to answer the phone? Or course not, so why make them wait for your site to load?

Our sites are designed with speed in mind, from the database that powers them to the graphics on the site, to the world class hosting, everything is optimised to give your customers the fast response they expect.

It's secure, protecting you and your customers

With over 10 years experience developing web applications we know how to keep your critical data and customer details secure and fully backed up.

We cover all aspects of security, from safely processing credit card payments to resisting hacker and virus attacks, you can rest assured your most valuable assets are in safe hands.

It's reliable - always there for you and your customers

How often have you been to a site to find it's down, or not working properly? And did you go back there again? Probably not.

We understand that, to use a cliché, you only get one chance to make a first impression. That's why our servers are monitored 24/7 and site uptime exceeds 99.8%.

It's built on time, on budget

Before we start a project we agree a fixed budget and fixed time scale with the client, and then stick to it.

Project milestones are set and you get to see progress as it happens, getting the chance to give your feedback at each stage, ensuring you end up with exactly what you need, when you need it and delivering value for money.

It's tailor made for your needs

Which makes more sense? Having the way you do business dictated by an off the shelf software package, or, a tailor made application designed to complement your business?

Because we do all of our development in-house we can create a solution that fits your business exactly. And because of this, the solution is flexible, changing as your business changes.

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