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The project:
Retail e-commerce site for an educational book publisher.

Our solution:
An e-commerce application which includes; a multi-currency shopping cart, real time secure credit card transactions, downloadable book companion files (eliminating a CD insert) and sample page display for the customer. For the merchant, there is full inventory management and a sophisticated order fulfilment processing / sales analysis back end.

The client was impressed with the ease of use and flexibility of the site, and the back office inventory management and associated functions. In comparison to the previous site which carried the same stock, a significant increase in sales had been achieved.
The project:
A mobile / tablet version of the recruitment site.

Our solution:
In order to extend’s reach, a mobile / tablet version was created. This site has all the key functionality of the main site, but is designed for speed and ease of use in a mobile environment. This was achieved using the latest mobile web technology, which means the same site works on iPhone / Android etc. This resulted in a cost saving over developing apps for each phone type.

Within a week of the launch noticed significant numbers of visitors to the mobile site. Within a month there was a large increase to visitors and job applications the the overall brand, when compared to the desktop only model.
The project:
A recruitment site for the construction industry.

Our solution:
We developed a highly functional database to support complex searching of jobs, with multiple search criterion possible, yet the site is extremely simple to use. Visitors may register and receive nightly, automatic email alerts as jobs are posted, in addition to online CV storage. To reduce the administrative overhead of the site, each advertiser is given a login ID which gives complete control to add, delete and edit their jobs, while the system automatically prepares billing information for each advertiser.

Results: is the leading niche recruitment portal in Ireland with a client list which includes companies such as Sisk Construction, Ascon, Samsung, McDonald's, PJ Hegarty, ESB International and McNamara Construction
The project:
Online version of Irish Construction Industry magazine, Ireland's leading B2B construction publication.

Our solution:
Using our Content Management System and additional bespoke developments, we created an easy to manage and flexible news site that is updated throughout the day by a team of journalists. Visitors are also kept informed by a regular email newsletter. In addition to news content there is a searchable database of industry suppliers. Other revenue generating features include fully integrated banner adverts and sale of magazine subscriptions using credit card payments.

The site is used by many multinationals as a platform to promote their products. As well as generating additional subscriptions of the print version of the publication, the site generates sufficient advertising revenue to become a profitable entity on its own. Winner of the Periodical Publishers Association of Ireland "Best Online Publication".
Other clients
E-commerece site selling crystal products to the consumer market.
Online store for energy efficient LED lighting products.
IT recruitment company.
Online store for COVID 19 face masks.
A document management site with controled access for members to aid in petroleum exploration research.
Retail e-commerce site for O'Brien Diaries, where customers can order personalised diaries.
A document management site for the Department of Communications, Energy
and Natural Resources and approximately 15 oil companies.


It's powerful to handle your growing needs

Our sites and applications are built to handle high loads created by large volumes of visitors and complex transactions. And built to store large amounts of data while maintaining high levels of performance.

As your business grows the demands placed on your site grow too. Some sites just can't cope with this, but ones built by us can!

Customers find it easy to use

Our sites are designed for ease of use by your customers so they can quickly find the information or products they need.

We do this with clear layouts and intuitive navigation, avoiding gimmicky functions that only serve to confuse rather then enhance.

You find it easy to manage

We understand that your time is valuable, so we design our sites with easy to use yet powerful back office tools that allow you to manage your site quickly and with minimal training requirements.

Comprehensive real time reporting keeps you on target to meet your business goals.

It's fast - no waiting customers

Do you keep your customers waiting for you to answer the phone? Or course not, so why make them wait for your site to load?

Our sites are designed with speed in mind, from the database that powers them to the graphics on the site, to the world class hosting, everything is optimised to give your customers the fast response they expect.

It's secure, protecting you and your customers

With over 10 years experience developing web applications we know how to keep your critical data and customer details secure and fully backed up.

We cover all aspects of security, from safely processing credit card payments to resisting hacker and virus attacks, you can rest assured your most valuable assets are in safe hands.

It's reliable - always there for you and your customers

How often have you been to a site to find it's down, or not working properly? And did you go back there again? Probably not.

We understand that, to use a cliché, you only get one chance to make a first impression. That's why our servers are monitored 24/7 and site uptime exceeds 99.8%.

It's built on time, on budget

Before we start a project we agree a fixed budget and fixed time scale with the client, and then stick to it.

Project milestones are set and you get to see progress as it happens, getting the chance to give your feedback at each stage, ensuring you end up with exactly what you need, when you need it and delivering value for money.

It's tailor made for your needs

Which makes more sense? Having the way you do business dictated by an off the shelf software package, or, a tailor made application designed to complement your business?

Because we do all of our development in-house we can create a solution that fits your business exactly. And because of this, the solution is flexible, changing as your business changes.

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