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Picture of tailor's tapeUnlike some other companies that claim to be web developers, but in fact just download and customise free software, our core expertise is software development, and has been for over ten years. The benefits to you are clear - quite simply, we create solutions that exactly meet your business needs. And because we have developed your solution from the ground up, we can make changes and additions to it as your needs change, thus protecting your investment.

We are experts in every stage of the software life cycle from requirements analysis, specification and database modelling to development, testing, deployment and then on-going support, maintenance and further development.

Our software is designed and built to the highest standards and then rigorously tested to ensure it functions correctly, is reliable and is secure. We design the user interfaces with ease of use as a priority for both you and your visitors. We build with flexibility in mind, cutting down maintenance and ongoing development costs. Our software is a perfect match to your business, because it is built for you.

What type of bespoke software development does Solomon Solutions do? Here are a few examples:

Registration and profiling systems
Knowing your customers and prospects is vital to any business. We can provide you with the means to build that all important database allowing you to target specific demographics to achieve your marketing objectives.

Email marketing / CRM systems
Coupled to our registration and profiling systems our newsletter and CRM solutions allow you to keep in contact with your database with email shots that reflect your web branding. We provide extensive reporting such as open and bounce rates enabling you to manage your campaigns with ease.

SMS marketing / CRM systems
In addition to email, we develop web to SMS applications as an additional channel to communicate with your customers. These can either be bulk campaigns to all or part of your database, or more personal messages such as notifications and the like.

Blogs / discussion forums / polls / surveys
We develop an extensive range of applications to make your site more interactive for the user and allow two way sharing of information and opinions.

Facebook / Twitter integration
Using the Facebook and Twitter development interface (API) content from your site can be automatically posted to your Facebook or Twitter account.

Database development
At the heart of most of our application development is an SQL database providing the means for capturing data and performing searches. We develop databases from the most basic requirements to the most complex and ranging in size from a few hundred data items, to tens of millions. We use powerful database servers coupled with highly optimised database design to ensure the fastest response and most secure storage of your valuable data.

Typical database applications include searchable recruitments sites, content management, site membership systems, reporting and analysis, online booking, e-commerce applications, workflow management and so on.

Ad serving
Many of our sites include banner ad servers to enable the placement of different ads within different areas of a site. The ads may be either simple images or a more interactive flash creative. Our ad serving includes real time impression and click through reporting.

Streaming video / audio
We provide solutions to embed video or audio on your site enabling you to show product demos, interviews and the like. Our streaming video enables instant high quality playback without the visitor having to install any software or wait to download the entire video.

Image processing
For sites that use image galleries we have solutions to speed up the publication of pictures such as the ability to accept a ZIP file of your images and extract them on the server, and online resizing and thumbnail generation.

RSS / site feeds
To encourage repeat visits to your site, we offer a range of RSS and site syndication solutions to alert users of new content on your site.

Conversion tracking
Whether you use AdWords or another means to promote your site, you need to measure the cost of achieving your goals. We develop a range of conversion tracking solutions that track and report visitors and goal conversions from multiple campaigns, enabling you to effectively manage your advertising spend.

Credit card payment systems
Although the main application of credit card payment systems is in our online stores, we can incorporate this feature into other types of sites as required. Examples include sites that charge for premium content, online event booking sites and pay per download sites.

Online competitions / loyalty schemes
We have developed a number of competition applications based on questions, random chance or other entry criteria.

We have also have experience in unique code based loyalty schemes whereby a unique code is placed on FMCG products and entered into a site to accumulate points for various rewards.

Viral marketing
We have several viral marketing options available. These range from simple "tell a friend" functions to complex systems whereby existing site members are rewarded for recruiting new members.

Booking systems and calendars
For online booking of events such as conferences and the like we provide systems with event listings and interactive calendars, through to delegate booking and payment processing. For events with limited capacity, available places can be automatically reduced as bookings are accepted.

File download managers / document management systems
If you have a large repository of files (such as product information PDFs) that you need to make available to your clients, we have solutions for the management and distribution of these assets.

Site customisation
Should you require that different sets of users should see different versions of your site, we can provide this. Content customisation could be based on the visitor's physical location, in which case a localised contact page could be displayed for example. Or, it can be based on a visitor's login profile, where for example a per customer price list could be displayed.

The list above is just a brief summary of the range of development projects we have completed. Please contact us to learn more about these or any other requirements you may have.


It's powerful to handle your growing needs

Our sites and applications are built to handle high loads created by large volumes of visitors and complex transactions. And built to store large amounts of data while maintaining high levels of performance.

As your business grows the demands placed on your site grow too. Some sites just can't cope with this, but ones built by us can!

Customers find it easy to use

Our sites are designed for ease of use by your customers so they can quickly find the information or products they need.

We do this with clear layouts and intuitive navigation, avoiding gimmicky functions that only serve to confuse rather then enhance.

You find it easy to manage

We understand that your time is valuable, so we design our sites with easy to use yet powerful back office tools that allow you to manage your site quickly and with minimal training requirements.

Comprehensive real time reporting keeps you on target to meet your business goals.

It's fast - no waiting customers

Do you keep your customers waiting for you to answer the phone? Or course not, so why make them wait for your site to load?

Our sites are designed with speed in mind, from the database that powers them to the graphics on the site, to the world class hosting, everything is optimised to give your customers the fast response they expect.

It's secure, protecting you and your customers

With over 10 years experience developing web applications we know how to keep your critical data and customer details secure and fully backed up.

We cover all aspects of security, from safely processing credit card payments to resisting hacker and virus attacks, you can rest assured your most valuable assets are in safe hands.

It's reliable - always there for you and your customers

How often have you been to a site to find it's down, or not working properly? And did you go back there again? Probably not.

We understand that, to use a cliché, you only get one chance to make a first impression. That's why our servers are monitored 24/7 and site uptime exceeds 99.8%.

It's built on time, on budget

Before we start a project we agree a fixed budget and fixed time scale with the client, and then stick to it.

Project milestones are set and you get to see progress as it happens, getting the chance to give your feedback at each stage, ensuring you end up with exactly what you need, when you need it and delivering value for money.

It's tailor made for your needs

Which makes more sense? Having the way you do business dictated by an off the shelf software package, or, a tailor made application designed to complement your business?

Because we do all of our development in-house we can create a solution that fits your business exactly. And because of this, the solution is flexible, changing as your business changes.

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